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Balancing the Scales

This film explores the history of women lawyers in the US, why their attempts to break the glass ceiling have failed, and what we can do to change the cultural attitudes which prevent women from balancing power at the top.

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Balancing the Scales” is more than a timely documentary – it’s a call to action – forcing all to look candidly into the behavioral norms that continue – 25 years and counting – to make the legal industry less hospitable to women than any of us are comfortable admitting. Sharon Rowen’s insightful interviews make it clear that now is the time to have the conversation to change the conversation – focused on the importance of inclusion. A must see.
— MICHELLE C. IFILL, Senior Vice President & General Counsel of Verizon Corporate Services Group

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 Sharon Rowen is a nationally recognized keynote speaker who is dynamic in her approach to bringing clarity to the challenge of gender equality in the legal profession. From Harvard University to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, Sharon has delivered the truth about the story of female lawyers in America with humor, transparency, and passion.

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