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“I have committed my legal career to social justice and to the belief that we all should use our time to further human rights in whatever ways we can. My hope is that our films will ignite a national conversation about topics like breaking the glass ceiling, why our society does not think of women as leaders, and the impossible choices men and women are forced to make between their career and their caregiving responsibilities.”



Why Sharon Made Balancing the Scales


In this video filmmaker Sharon Rowen shares why “Balancing the Scales” was a labor of love and a call to arms.


The intersection of individual stories and cultural realities is the place where compelling, powerful stories begin.

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Award winning filmmaker Sharon Rowen, who is best known for her groundbreaking documentary “Balancing the Scales” is in development for her next film project, “An Invisible Truth”. Her new film picks up where “Balancing the Scales” stopped as Sharon pulls back the curtain on gender equality issues throughout all walks of life. 

R&K Productions will produce “An Invisible Truth” in association with Vast Entertainment.